Frequently asked questions

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We try to answer all the important question, however to be perfect is hard. If you have a question that was not answered here, please ask using our Contact Us form

1)    How long is the full integration of Wenrix to my environment?

A typical full integration takes between 3 - 4 weeks and requires a total of 5 working hours.
Of course, this can vary based on the agency’s availability and requirements.

2)    Can I conduct a simulation before moving on to a full integration?

Wenrix offers the option of conducting a simulation in order to analyze the potential savings on your travel agency’s bookings. This option does not require you to make any modifications in your environment.
The simulation can be initiated within 3 working days upon the request.

3)    Does Wenrix use Masterpricer/BargainFinderMax (Search Transactions) when optimizing PNR’s?

Wenrix does not use any costly search transactions and will only use pricing and basic booking related scans to optimize PNR’s.

4)    Is Wenrix compliant and up to date with all the main privacy policies?

Wenrix is fully compliant with the strictest policies for data privacy.
Please request from your Wenrix contact, documentation and more info on this topic.

5)    What does it cost me to start using Wenrix?

Wenrix works on success only, meaning the agency can only benefit.
We will be happy to elaborate on our business model on a one on one call.

6)    Since you are AI based, how long will it take your platform to start generating income?

We generate value from day 1.
Yes, the AI requires some training, but the platform is programmed to generate revenue from the moment the agency connects and can only be improved from that point on.